Who Is BestWork DATA

 Our Mission Statement

To touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people, so that they will see themselves through their strengths instead of their weaknesses and so that they can better understand other people.

Our products must:

*  Honor each person

*  Offer a positive emotional experience

*  Provide actionable information

BestWork DATA is a thought leader in the new world of performance information. Using the latest assessment technology, our instruments measure hard-wired traits and abilities of employees or job candidates using an online survey. That data is then converted into easily understood information that answers key management questions:

     Can they perform this job?

     What do I ask in the interview?

     What are they really like? What can they really do?

     How quickly can they become productive?

     How do I manage them? What do they do under pressure?

     Can they execute our sales strategy?

     Will they follow the rules? How will they do with our customers?

It answers these and many more about virtually any type of job. With better information, everyone makes better decisions. Our goal is to help both you and the job candidate make better decisions. For less than the cost of the office products they will use this year, you can be sure that you have the right person using them.

For more information on BestWork DATA or to obtain more reports:

Visit:   www.bestworkdata.com

Email:  service@bestworkdata.com