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The JobThoughts Career Pack

The JobThoughts Job Seeker Pack is a series of customized report designed to provide the Job Seeker with the tools that provide guidance in their career search.

The JobThoughts Job Seeker pack consist of:

1) Your Career Strengths - purely positive look at the individuals strengths.

2) Your Job Search Coach - Clear direction on how to direct your efforts in your job search.

3) Job Sorting Chart - Chart displaying the individuals scores on a series of scales describing the range of various job-related behaviors.

4) Your Interview Coach - Clear direction on how to interview more effectively based on the individual's unique set of traits and abilities.

5) Jobs to Seek & Jobs to Avoid - A discussion of that type of jobs match the individuals strengths and which don't.

6) Selling Yourself into the Job - A more formal report on the positive values that the individual brings to any job - accompanies the individuals resume.

The JobThoughts Fast Start Employee Pack is a series of customized reports designed to be given to a potential employer.

The JobThoughts Fast Start Employee Pack consist of:

1) What I Bring to the Job - A quick summary of your strengths in any job.

2) Onboarding Report - The keys to making you a productive new employee more quickly.

3) Training Report - An outline of of exactly how and employer can train you more effectively.

4) Manage Me - A tip sheet that gives your new manager or supervisor a quick start on understanding of how to help you excel more quickly.

5) Job Report - a Detailed description of how you will perform a wide range of job behaviors.

The JobThoughts Career Pack is provided in both electronic format that can be printed as many times as necessary and a Printed Bound copy that is delivered within a few days through the mail.

Sponsor Code more info
Price: $100.00