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The JobThoughts Career Pack

The JobThoughts Job Seeker Pack is a series of customized report designed to provide the Job Seeker with the tools that provide guidance in their career search.

The JobThoughts Job Seeker pack consist of:

1) Your Career Strengths - purely positive look at the individuals strengths.

2) Your Job Search Coach - Clear direction on how to direct your efforts in your job search.

3) Job Sorting Chart - Chart displaying the individuals scores on a series of scales describing the range of various job-related behaviors.

4) Your Interview Coach - Clear direction on how to interview more effectively based on the individual's unique set of traits and abilities.

5) Jobs to Seek & Jobs to Avoid - A discussion of that type of jobs match the individuals strengths and which don't.

6) Selling Yourself into the Job - A more formal report on the positive values that the individual brings to any job - accompanies the individuals resume.

The JobThoughts Fast Start Employee Pack is a series of customized reports designed to be given to a potential employer.

The JobThoughts Fast Start Employee Pack consist of:

1) What I Bring to the Job - A quick summary of your strengths in any job.

2) Onboarding Report - The keys to making you a productive new employee more quickly.

3) Training Report - An outline of of exactly how and employer can train you more effectively.

4) Manage Me - A tip sheet that gives your new manager or supervisor a quick start on understanding of how to help you excel more quickly.

5) Job Report - a Detailed description of how you will perform a wide range of job behaviors.

The JobThoughts Career Pack is provided in electronic pdf format that can be printed as many times as desired and is stored in your online account.

Sponsor Code more info
Price: $100.00