Job Thoughts

The JobThoughts® Difference

There are tens of millions of job seekers in the United States with more entering the job market each month. There are a host of companies offering countless products to this huge population. Unfortunately, few of these offerings provide real value to people who desperately need help. JobThoughts® is different in three key areas:

  • The Latest Technology - The psychological assessments that provide the data that is the basis of the JobThoughts® reports represent the state-of-the-art in accuracy and reliability.

  • Practical Information - JobThoughts® provides specific action steps for the job seeker that will improve their job search. It is not the general, “feel good” type of reports that are offered for free on the Internet or even sold by some companies.

  • Full Range of Reports - JobThoughts® gives each job seeker with eight job search-oriented reports. These provide recommendations for the job search, the interview, types of jobs matching the job seekers strengths, and even questions to ask the prospective interviewer. JobThoughts® goes on to provide the Fast Start Employee Pack which formats the information to be used in the interview to verify the candidate's strength and fit to the job.

The Limits of Most Common Methods

  • Old Technology - Many career guidance programs use assessment methods that are over 50 years old, such as Myers-Briggs, DISC, or Birkman. Assessment technology has leapt forward since then, and while these products come out of a new laser printer, the theories that birthed them long ago have changed significantly over those many decades.
  • Interest Surveys - In earlier times, it was thought that your interests were the key to matching you to the right career. Today, we know that is not true. Your interests are dependent on your experiences, and those vary considerably from person to person. It is possible for you to be interested in a particular job and still lack the critical strengths that are needed to be successful in the job. On the other hand, it is possible to be perfectly suited to a job that you know nothing about and therefore have no interest in it.
  • Treat Everyone the Same - Far too many books, speakers, and programs for job seekers offer the same advice and direction for everyone. "Network! Network! Be energetic and smile in the interview!" Of course, everyone is not the same. Your job search must be built on your strengths. You must feature your strengths and not some common idea that is just not you.

You Are Unique

You have a unique set of strengths and abilities. In the right job, these strengths and abilities will serve you well. When you really understand how your strengths and abilities differ from other people, you can see what kind of jobs give you an advantage. You can see how to explain your advantages to prospective employers. JobThoughts® gives you that information and shows you how to use it in your job search. It shows you how to interview based on how you are. It shows you how to network based on how you are. It shows you how to sell yourself into the job, again based on how you are. JobThoughts® honors you and your uniqueness.

One of Many Tools

JobThoughts® is a powerful tool to help you identify your strengths and abilities and show you how to use them effectively in your job search. It is only one of many tools, however. There are many other tools and services that can also help you. We encourage you to take advantage of the ones that make sense to you.

Better Information = Better Decisions

Many people say that they know their strengths and abilities, and indeed, to some extent they do. The important thing about JobThoughts® is that it is based upon the experience of working with hundreds of companies who use this type of information to hire people just like you. JobThoughts® has turned that same information into a tool to help you find the right job and make the most out of your opportunities.

What If the Job Is Not Quite Right

In today’s economy, a common question asked by job seekers who use JobThoughts® is "What if the job I find is not quite right?" We all deal with the realities of life. It is sometimes necessary to take the wrong job to generate income, while continuing to search for the right one. The information in JobThoughts® will help you to understand the challenges that you will face in that wrong job. Then you can decide if you can successfully do that and for how long. You can ever see how to best cope with the parts of the job that do not fit so well. JobThoughts® will also help you to recognize the right job when you find it.