Job Thoughts

6 July 2010 - $100 million in Career Packs Given to US Veterans

JobThoughts® will give 1,000,000 JobThoughts® Career Assessments & Employment Planning Packs to US Veterans in appreciation of their service. These Career Packs are currently sold through career counselors for $100 or more, which means that this extraordinary donation has a value of $100 million. Dr. Robert White, Chief Operating Officer of BestWork DATA said, "This is what we should be doing for our veterans. This act is more than showing our gratitude for the service our men and women have given to our country. This act is an opportunity to assist our veterans to successfully return to the peace of home, family and competitive employment."

* * * *

21 July 2010 Workforce Alliance of Palm Beach County Selects JobThoughts®

In Palm Beach County, over 14,000 people a month are being helped by the professional services provided at no cost in the three Workforce Alliance Career Centers and the two Professional Placement Network facilities located in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach and Belle Glade. The Centers offer free classes, workshops and opportunities for training, with the objective of getting people placed in jobs. A variety of programs are available for all job seekers, whether they are professionals, recent graduates just entering the workforce, or someone recently subjected to a layoff. JobThoughts® recently completed training over fifty counselors and program directors in the use of its Career Packs and Fast Start Employee Packs. JobThoughts® was chosen as the principal program for working with job seekers.

22 July 2010 - Special Reintegration to Civilian Life Report Released

In conjunction with JobThoughts® Veterans Program, an additional report focusing on the special issues of transitioning from military to civilian life has been released as a part of the veteran’s package. Chuck Russell, CEO of BestWork DATA , explained, "In conversations with veterans, it was clear that many of them were dealing with special issues in making the change from military life back to the civilian world. This caused significant problems in their search for employment in what are already challenging times. Using the experience of these veterans, we were able to develop a report that explains these issues and offers recommendations for dealing with them."

* * * *

5 August 2010 - Hiring Heroes USA Adopts JobThoughts® Program

Brian Stann, Director of Hiring Heroes USA, announced that his organization was incorporating the JobThoughts® Career Packs and Fast Start Employee Packs into their program for assisting veterans in finding employment. JobThoughts® practical recommendations and easy-to-use format made this simple to bring into their existing processes.