Job Thoughts

At present, over 30 million Americans are unemployed. The latest studies have revealed that over 60 million additional Americans are unhappy in their current jobs. BestWork DATA’s JobThoughts® series of reports is the most advanced program for understanding job strengths and discovering how those strengths are best applied in the job market. The JobThoughts® Career Pack advises job seekers on how to be more effective in their job search; how to interview more effectively; what type of jobs to seek out; what type of jobs to avoid; and how to sell themselves into a job opportunity. BestWork DATA then supplies a Fast Start Employee Pack, which is used in the job interview. It provides information on that job candidate’s strengths in the job; how to onboard them; how to train them; how to manage them; and how they will perform tasks common to most positions. This gives the job candidate a competitive advantage in the selection process by making them a lower risk choice.

While BestWork DATA is actively marketing JobThoughts® through the JobThoughts® Website, we recognize that many of these 90 million people will not be able to afford either professional job counseling or reliable career assessments. Therefore, we have initiated the following programs: