Job Thoughts

Where do I find my password?

Your username and password for accessing the Client Access Center are sent to you on your receipt from This receipt with say JobThoughts Receipt at the top and will come from us. You may also receive a payment receipt from the payment processing company such as PayPal or This receipt is not from us and will not contain your login credentials. If you do not see your receipt in your Inbox within 10 minutes then you should check your spam or junk mail folder. Make sure to allow emails from to prevent email delivery issues.

How Long does this take?

It is easily accessed online, and it should take you about 25 minutes.

Do I have to have a computer for this?

Yes, you will need to have access to a computer in order to complete the survey and access your results. IT CANNOT BE TAKEN ON A SMART PHONE. However, since it only takes 25 minutes, other clients who didn’t have their own computer went to their local library and were able to complete the assessment, print their results and be on their way in less than an hour.

When will I receive my results?

Within 24 hrs of completing the questionnaire, you will receive an email notifying you that the digital versions of the six reports in the JobThoughts® Career Pack plus two additional digital reports for your job search. You will also receive digital versions of the five reports in the Fast Start Employee Pack. In approximately one week, you will receive a spiral-bound hard copy of your Career Report containing the six primary reports and your Fast Start Employee Reports in a saddle-stitched booklet with full color covers.

So, is this basically just one of those personality surveys?

Great question! You’re right there ARE hundreds of such things. They tell you some general stuff about yourself but offer little to really help you in your job search. JobThoughts® is a serious tool to make a serious difference in your life and your job search. This tool will accurately measure how you think; how you learn; how you handle different jobs; what comes easily for you; and what is challenging for you. Your job search is a serious matter and you want to give yourself a better chance of landing a job that is right for you. JobThoughts® is specifically designed to help people who are right where you are now.

What are cognitive abilities?

Old thinking has been that some people are smart and some people are not. Today, cognitive science has shown us that there are many types of “smart”. The real difference lies in speed of processing information. Some people process quickly which allows them to learn quickly. It can be difficult for such people to find jobs that offer the challenge that they need. People who process more slowly, need some additional time to learn a job, but they are often much more capable of performing the job. JobThoughts® helps you discover what kind of "smart" you are.

How do I know it's worth it??

If you went to the top career counselors to get this kind of information, it would cost well hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This package is more comprehensive and it is only $50 with a sponsor code. That is because the mission of BestWork DATA is to help people succeed and to help them to be more and to have more in their lives. During our early marketing research, job seekers were shown the JobThoughts® reports and asked what they believed such reports would cost. The responses ranged from a low of $275 to well over $1000.

If it’s so good, why is it that inexpensive?

For over fifteen years, the team that developed this tool specialized in helping companies hire the right people for the right jobs. We saw that while the companies and executives were able to have access to these types of tools, there was a great need to help everyone be able to benefit from this type of information. Our company is founded on this vision. Our pricing was not based on the market value of the products or what comparable services charged in the marketplace. It was based on what ordinary people who have been too long in a job search could afford.

Who created JobThoughts®?

There are two critical elements that are essential to the development of a best-of-class career product. The first is the creation of the instruments or questionnaires that measure your cognitive abilities and your personality traits. The JobThoughts® instruments are among the most accurate instruments of their kind in the world. The psychometric specialists that designed them are some of the most respected in that field. JobThoughts® unique output was the result of a collaboration with one of the top authorities on business applications of psychological testing. The team’s experience included working with hundreds of companies and hundreds of types of jobs. The information in JobThoughts® is based on real-life situations. It provides real-life information to you to help you with real-life decisions.

I took several tests that asked about my interests. Does JobThoughts® do that too?

No, JobThoughts® does not use interests, although they were the basis of some of the early methods of career guidance. Today we know that interests tend to change over time, and their effectiveness varies dramatically depending upon each person’s own experiences. Instead, JobThoughts® measures hard-wired cognitive abilities and personality traits, which have been proven to be the most accurate way of matching the strengths of an individual to the strengths needed in a particular job.

What do you do with my contact details? JobThoughts® generates completely custom reports for the individual. The reports are generated with your contact information printed on the covers, clearly identifying it as your custom report. One set of the reports, the Employee Fast Start Pack, is designed to be a supplement to your resumé and by including your contact details it is clearly identified as yours.